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Shatter, Earwax, BHO, Hash Oils - Colorado Marijuana Concentrates

Green Dot Shatter

The Bud Depot carries an excellent variety of marijuana extracts or "concentrates" at both our Medical and Recreational Dispensaries. If you're new to concentrates, they take cannabis consumption to new levels.

Using a variety of extraction methods including grain alcohol, CO2 as well as butane (but becoming more rare), Concentrates essentially strip away THC and some cannabinoids from the plant matter, leaving behind extremely potent concentrated forms of hash that typically have THC percentages from 50% to 90%. Considering that everyday Colorado marijuana ranges from 18%-28% THC, concentrates are really strong, and they come in a variety of forms that have become somewhat of an art to create.

From clear, hard and glassy "shatter" to gooey, stinky "BHO" and earwax, there's a wide range of concentrates to choose from. Here's some of what we carry at The Bud Depot. Check our Rec and Med menus to see what's in stock today.

Please note: we do not sell concentrates in bulk - just by the gram or vial.

Colorado Concentrates Wax - Stinky, delicious, potent wax, full of terpines!

Green Dot Shatter - Off the charts shatter, made here right in Boulder from our nugs - and some of theirs too!

Growing Kitchen Shatter - Award winning shatter made from our nugs - and some of theirs too!

High AltitudeExtracts Wax - Potent earwax, budder and flake hash made from our nugs.

Huxley's Honey Oil - Sweet hash oil in .5mg syringes. Strains incur Golden Goat and Strawberry Cough.

Live Resin Shatter, Live Resin Wax - The highest terpine concentrate around. Robust, flavorful and due to the fact that it retains nearly 100% of cannabinoids, provides an outstandingly well-rounded, potent high.

Nectar Bee Shatter, Nectar Bee Kief - Top-shelf, award-winning concentrates.

Rasta Bubble Hash - Beautiful wax-like bubble hash made using a solvent-free extraction method. Made from our nugs.

Rocky Mountain Remedies Shatter, Flake and Wax - Fresh, consistent and made from our nugs by our good friends at RMR in Steamboat, Colorado.

TC Labs Shatter, TC Labs Wax - Produced using our own nugs. One of Colorado's favorite new producers of high-end marijuana concentrates.