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Cannabis Accessories

Looking for a cannabis dispensary in Lyons with everything you need to smoke? Look no further than The Bud Depot Cannabis! We have all the smoking accessories and cool merchandise you could possibly want, including rolling papers, cigar wrappers, pipes of all shapes and sizes, and other “weed smoking” items. Come on down and check us out – we know you won’t be disappointed! In addition to a variety of high-quality cannabis strains, The Bud Depot Cannabis Lyons and Estes Park Dispensary also offers an array of equally excellent paraphernalia, including vapes, dab rigs and vaporizers!

A large selection of cannabis accessories and paraphernalia, as well as some amazing merch!

glass cannabis pipeThe Bud Depot is known for having the best cannabis flower in Lyons and Estes Park, but did you know we also offer a great variety of accessories?

A few of our products include rolling trays, pre-rolled cones, silicone mats, dab tools, weed products, bongs and bong accessories–even lighters.

We love our paraphernalia, but we also think that our merchandise is pretty cool-looking. With (humbly) the best logo of any Lyons or Estes Park smoke shop, it’s not difficult to find sweet gear. To get an idea of some of what we have available, take a look at the gear page on our website. We frequently change up our designs, so if you see something you like be sure to stop by soon because it might not be there next time!

Great gifts for the cannabis lover in your life

Look no further than The Bud Depot Cannabis for the ideal present for that special cannabis lover in your life! Whether they enjoy using a weed grinder, pipe, or other smoking accessories, we have it all!

Vaping, smoking, and toking accessories

You can also purchase glass pipes, rolling papers, stash containers, grinders, and more. We also carry a variety of pipes, vaporizers, and bongs.

  • Rolling Papers: At our store, you will find an assortment of 25 rolling papers including tobacco paper, weed skinners, hemp paper cones for joints and blunts as well as cigar filters.
  • Pipes: We have a wide variety of pipes for you to choose from, no matter your budget!
  • Dab Rigs: At our store, we have a wide selection of dab rigs to choose from. We carry quartz bangers, titanium nails, and glass bubblers–just to name a few.
  • Vaporizers & Bongs: If you want to smoke marijuana in style, we have all the latest and greatest paraphernalia for you.


If you have questions or concerns regarding our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Bud Depot! We will do whatever possible to assist you.

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