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Cannabis Tincture Brands In Colorado

It’s no surprise that Colorado has become a mecca for cannabis aficionados, given the state’s wealth of cannabis options. Tinctures are a highly sought after form of cannabis consumption. There are many advantages to using cannabis tinctures as opposed to smoking or vaping the drug. This article provides a review of many popular Colorado tincture manufacturers.

How Do Cannabis Tinctures Work?

To create a tincture, cannabis leaves or flowers are soaked in alcohol. THC, CBD, and terpenes, the cannabis plant’s active ingredients, are all extracted in this method. A highly concentrated liquid is produced, which can then be ingested or used as a flavoring agent in other foods and beverages.

There are a lot of benefits to using a tincture rather than smoking or vaping marijuana. They have a low profile, work quickly, and may be dosed with relative ease. Homemade cosmetics, ointments, and other remedies can all benefit from the use of tinctures.

Cannabis Tinctures We Recommend

Tinctures are just the latest example of Colorado’s long history as a leader in the cannabis industry. Our state is home to some of the most prestigious tincture manufacturers in the country. A few of our favorite Colorado tinctures are listed here.


Aliviar is a pharmaceutical grade cannabis-based drug that provides relief for a wide range of medical issues. MedPharm Colorado, the first company in the state to be granted a license to do cannabis R&D, developed Aliviar.

If you live in Colorado and are looking for a natural CBD or THC solution that works rapidly without the side effects of prescription drugs, consider trying Aliviar’s L.E.A.F (Lipophilic Enhanced Absorption Formula) technology.


The active cannabinoids in cannabis are emulsified in ethanol to create a tincture called Nectar Bee. Sublingual absorption, where the substance is taken by inserting it under the tongue, is the most efficient route of administration. Their tinctures deliver an immediate rush followed by a steady, sustained high. In need of a cure for your aching muscles, headaches, or cramps? Don’t bother looking any farther than our honey scented tincture. Blend a few of drops into your coffee, tea, or other drink of choice.


The inspiration for ioVia’s offerings was a desire to supply Colorado’s medicinal cannabis patients with the best care possible. Over the course of many years of carefully observing the concerns of thousands of patients, they have figured out what works and what doesn’t for those whose concentration is on bettering their daily lives.

They blended CBD and THC in just the right proportions to create ioVia, which provides the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids without the drawbacks of traditional marijuana use (such as those experienced when smoking or consuming edibles). According to the official website, “ioVia is more than a product; it is a subtle addition to your daily routine that helps you feel better every day.”

Care Division

Care Division was founded by Madison and Montana, two sisters who created the CBD product line so that you can have the greatest possible life.

What began as temporary CBD stores in New York City has expanded into a full-fledged Colorado-made product range. The Care Division has grown rapidly, and it currently employs a wide range of people from scientists to farmers to young entrepreneurs who are all committed to developing remedies that better people’s lives.

All of their products are formulated with Colorado-sourced and processed CBD isolate, taking cues from time-honored herbal practices. They are developed in a CGMP facility to guarantee the best possible quality control. By combining hemp with other plant chemicals, nootropics, and nutraceuticals, they have created concoctions that are both inexpensive and effective.

Final Thoughts

There are many other excellent tincture brands from Colorado besides those listed here. Since there are several to select from, you should have no trouble locating an appropriate tincture. Bud Depot Dispensary has what you need, whether it be a high-THC or CBD tincture. Visit us today and talk to one of our helpful employees about finding the right tincture for your needs.