The Bud Depot Dispensary in Lyons, Colorado.
Recreational and Medical Marijuana in Lyons, CO. Near Estes Park.

Our Colorado Medical Marijuana Caregiver Program

The Bud Depot has the best Caregiver Program in Lyons, Colorado and we're also home of an outstanding program geared towards medical patients with extensive cannabis use requirements.

Red Card Caregiver Program

Patients who designate The Bud Depot as their medical marijuana caregiver receive a great suite of deals including:

  • One 10 cent gram per week with medicated purchase
  • Member pricing on buds. All strains, all the time: $10 gram, $30 1/8, $60 1/4, $100 1/2, $160 oz
  • New members get $50 off a purchase of $100 or more
  • Renew with us and get an 1/8 for $1
  • Members only deals throughout the year

Also if you designate The Bud Depot as your caregiver, you'll be able to receive most of the same benefits when you shop at our Helping Hands Herbals dispensary in downtown Boulder.

For first time shoppers, we invite you to come by, meet our friendly and experienced bud tenders and check out our beautiful buds, plus we always have a great deal running for first-timers, too.

Intensive Benefits Program

Colorado medical marijuana patients dealing with with-intensity medical problems such as cancer often require higher amounts of cannabis for smoking or, more likely, for making edibles and/or highly concentrated products such as Rick Simpson oil.

However, we know many of those patients, often due to their conditions or related issues, are on restricted incomes so paying retail prices for cannabis can be out of the question, even with standard membership discounts. Additionally, mobility issues make traveling for small amounts of cannabis burdensome and difficult.

That's why the Bud Depot offers a high-intensity medical patient program to those patients with a designation for 12 or more cannabis plants, and the supporting documentation to prove it. If you qualify, you can conduct purchases of 4 to 8 oz at at time of our organic cannabis at $125/per oz, plus tax. One strain per day is made available at this price.

To qualify, you must have an increased plant count from your physician and this paperwork must be on file here at The Depot. You must also designate the Depot as your Caregiver.

If you have questions call (303) 823-6422, or ask your bud tender.

To shop at our store, you'll always need to bring your valid Caregiver Card and valid drivers license or passport.