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Clean Green Certified


clean green certified
The Clean Green program regulates cannabis products that wish to be labeled as organic. They help farms & products obtain certification based on the USDA National Organic program.

About Clean Green Certification

The Organic Dispensary Equivalent

The Clean Green Certified program was established in 2004 as a means to certify legal cannabis goods that termed themselves “organic,” and it created plans for farms and items to get organic certification based on the USDA National Organic Program.

It is the world’s longest-established cannabis certification program, and it is recognized all around the world. Since 2003, they have operated under the USDA National Organic Program. The Clean Green Certification Program has been recognized more often than any other cannabis certification program globally. Green America helps farms, processors, and products win and place in competitions by providing them with the tools they need to become Certified Green. Since 2004, organizations like this have continued the legacy started by previous generations, ensuring that their farm is clean and green.

More From Clean Green About What it Takes to Become Clean Green Certified


Young smiling woman in a hemp field checking plants and flowers, agriculture and nature conceptThe Clean Green Certified Program is built on the USDA’s organic national and international organic standards. We follow in line with these widely recognized gold standards.


You must clarify whether you are a crop producer, a processor/handler producing things, an outlet, or a service company assisting the organic cannabis market.


We check for your company’s license and insurance policy, as well as any necessary permits. After an inspection, a certificate and digital logo are provided.


This section of the program allows a producer to freely and confidentially discuss their compliance difficulties or worries with a compliance attorney on their farm. This is a great way to talk about any issues or questions the farmer has without feeling as though you’re prying. A dollar spent in compliance is worth ten dollars spent in defense.

Your Clean Green operation’s record-keeping system was thoroughly examined. The inspection will include trace-back exercises to show that the facility can keep track of Clean Green cannabis and avoid contamination. 2-4 weeks after the on-site inspection, your facility will know if it has passed. The accreditation is good for one year from the date your certificate was produced.


To be approved, a farmer must submit an application describing how the crop is cultivated and that organic cultivation techniques are used. The origins of water and electricity, soil erosion prevention, borders (are they natural vegetation allowing for beneficial insects or are the plants next to a hazardous area?), pest/weed/disease management, and other issues are all addressed in questions. After the application is completed, a crop inspection is scheduled. During the evaluation, it’s verified that the techniques mentioned in the application are, in fact, being used on the farm. There is an evaluation of all of the elements used by the grower: fertilizers, pest control sprays, potting soils, and so on. Clean, renewable techniques do not imply that you must forgo nutrient magnification or insect control in the garden; there are numerous inputs allowed under the Clean Green Certified Program, and we will assist a grower in obtaining the necessary additives if required.

Soil in dirty male hands over dark backgroundAGRICULTURAL INSPECTION

The study of developing plants is the fourth stage, which covers everything from seed selection to transplanting and pruning. This portion of the program focuses on plant diseases and pests. Samples are collected and sent to approved laboratories to be tested for pesticides and other compounds. To verify that the plants are free of wind-borne dust, filth, or manures, they are examined. The growing area is watched for soil erosion and border regions where beneficial insects and birds aid in pest control.

This area of the plan examines the health of the plants and the growing region as a whole. The room or space where the process takes place is observed, and it’s decided whether a clean processing facility for chemically clean agricultural products is necessary. Contamination of a crop is frequently most likely to occur in the processing areas because the whole crop is being concentrated in a smaller space. The type and amount of fertilizer used, as well as the crop’s destination, are also discussed. The crop is then processed in a manner that will not degrade it rapidly, and it is stored in a safe, and secure manner. We are qualified to inspect warehouses, post-harvest processing/handling facilities, and company activities as well.

What are the advantages for consumers and the environment?

For environmental and personal health reasons, people have long sought organic products.

Many customers seek an ‘organic’ label to guarantee that a grower or processor uses clean methods, avoids certain chemicals and genetic engineering, and considers energy, water conservation, and other environmental factors. When a consumer sees the ‘USDA organic’ or ‘USDA certified organic’ seal, he or she can have confidence that the USDA’s strict organic growing requirements have been followed.

There are no cannabis products available with more than 0.3% THC that come with these certification labels. Because of its current legal status under the Controlled Substances Act, the federal government does not acknowledge cannabis as a viable agricultural product.

There are marijuana goods on the market that claim to be “organic,” but this term might be deceptive and meaningless. This is where Clean Green Certification steps in. It applies USDA-certified organic standards to cannabis goods and assures that organic farming methods have been implemented.

Consumers can feel secure in the knowledge that their cannabis was cultivated in an agricultural setting that supports bird and insect life while also maintaining their health.

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