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Colorado Marijuana Strains | Sativa v Indica | Origins and Effects

The most common question we receive at both our Medical and Recreational dispensaries is whether we would recommend a Sativa or Indica strain - or which kinds we have.

We could spend a bunch of time explaining the differences between the two types of cannabis, but the chart below makes short work of that task. And the answer, you'll find, is totally dependent on your needs, desires and how you react to different types of stimulus.

In a quick general nutshell: Sativas are more upbeat, engaging, exciting, even energizing. You'd enjoy sativas if you wanted to go hiking, running, clean the house, go to see shows and enjoy summer festivals. Perhaps you'd think of Sativas as having a Type-A personality.

On the flip side is the Indica family, whose strains tend to be more chill, relaxing, pain-relieving, even sedating. Indica strains tend to be indicated for who need help unwinding, relaxing, sleeping, chilling out, being quiet and recovering from physical and mental ailments. Indicas are your lazy stoner friend that likes to watch a lot of movies.

But these aren't hard and fast rules. Consider this: tequila makes some people dance on table tops while for others it makes them pass out cold in a hammock. Most importantly, don't sweat it just speak to your bud tender and they'll help guide you to the right strain. You can also click thru the strain pages on our website to learn more about our fine Colorado cannabis and more about the effects. Enjoy!