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Colorado Marijuana Strain List

Browse through an extensive list of our Colorado Marijuana Strains by simply clicking on the links below! Some are strains that you'll see at The Bud Depot every day, while others are more rare and make special guest appearances when you least expect it.

We grow 100% of our own weed naturally and sustainably, in soil, in Boulder, Colorado, ensuring the freshest and tastiest cannabis you can find.

Our growers take a no-limits and experimental approach to cultivation and breeding that has yielded a potent and diverse list of cannabis strains with elevated THC levels, not to mention unique "high" profiles that give a beautiful, unique experience. To see what's in stock at our stores, simply click to view our Recreational Menu or Medical Menu. For shoppers heading to Boulder, Colorado, check our our Helping Hands Herbals daily menu and visit our beautiful Medical and Rec dispensary right on Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder.

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