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Seeds Archive

As we continue to evolve and expand our seed offering, we send some strains back to the grow as their new and improved phenos are tested and readied for market. Generally speaking, if you see seeds on this page it's because we've got newer better versions of each one on the way. So stay tuned and we'll announce their re-launch when they're ready.

Series 1: The Rugburn OG Series - Non-Feminized Marijuana Seeds Packs of 5

This archive section was an initial seed offering representing some of our favorite fruits of crossing our proprietary strains with the Rugburn OG Kush male from Rare Dankness Seeds, which is Ghost OG Kush and the prized Rare Dankness #1. In utilizing this male we were mainly looking for accelerated growth, increased resin production, and tightening of bud structure. They'll hopefully be returning soon.

Bootlegger – Sativa>Hybrid (AK47 x Rugburn OG). A real Stinker! Heavy musky nose emanates from large oily buds. A more compact for those with grow space issues. 8-9 weeks to finish. Very strong herb.

Chupacabra – Sativa>Hybrid (Golden Goat x Rugburn OG). A great soaring citrus goaty nose on very fast growing high yielding plants. Some phenos can go into the 10th week though our preferred ladies finish up around 8-9 weeks.

Clubber Lang - Hybrid (Chernobyl x Rugburn OG). Very resinious buds with an earthy funky aroma. High yields, even higher potency. Intense and bright.

Crystal Scepter – Hybrid>Indica (Blue Dream x Rugburn OG). One of the more consistent in its phenotypes and grow patterns. Very tight heavy buds on vigorous fast growing stems. Very strong indica-leaning but not couch locking herb with excellent sustain. 8 to 9 weeks.

Pranayama Kush - Indica (Hindu Kush x Rugburn OG). A brilliant indica that eases pain and relaxes the body without clouding the mind. One of the more compact in the series, this plant will produce mostly uniform kush nugs with high resin, earthy nose, and a 8-9 week finish. Longer veg times will produce a larger plant when desired.