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Full Spectrum Concentrates: Colorado’s Top Brands

Denver dispensaries carry some of the greatest brands of full spectrum cannabis concentrates in the nation. When it comes to concentrates, there is something for everyone, from waxes and shatters to oils and living resins. We’ll examine some of the most well-known Full Spectrum Extraction brands that are offered in Denver in this blog post.

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Concentrates

THC was the main focus in the early years of cannabis legalization. The quality of the bud increases with THC content. But as we’ve learned more about our favorite plant, we’ve come to understand that cannabis is more complex than just THC.

While THC continues to be the major focus for many cannabis users, interest in the other substances found in cannabis plants is rising. Terpenes and significant cannabinoids like CBD and CBN have been proven to influence the experience of cannabis use.

For the variety of chemicals found in cannabis, the phrase “full-spectrum” has been coined. Due to their possible advantages and, according to some, greater high, full-spectrum cannabis extracts are rising in popularity. However, not all concentrations are full-spectrum. As a result, it’s critical to know what to look for when purchasing cannabis concentrates.

Full Spectrum Extraction Concentrate Brands

Which Denver brands of full-spectrum cannabis extracts are the best? Check out a handful of our favorites now.

Harmony Extracts

With only one goal in mind when it was founded in 2015, Harmony Extracts set out to make cannabis concentrates of the greatest caliber and strength. Utilizing cutting-edge medical-grade machinery and a special solvent combination, they turn cannabis plants into premium products to establish an unrivaled reputation for quality.

The Lab

The Lab creates cannabis concentrates like Live Resin Canary Diamonds, Live Resin Sauce, Live Resin Sugar, Live Resin Batter, and Budder and specializes in light hydrocarbon extraction. They were the first business in Colorado to market Budder, Budder extract, Live Resin, and Distillate pods for the PAX Era.


Ascend claims to provide a remarkable range of chemicals. Their cannabis terpenes create a complex flavor and scent without the use of any solvents.

Ascend’s exclusive formulas, which guarantee cannabinoids and terpenes are collaborating, produce the “entourage effect,” a medical and recreational experience significantly better than the sum of its parts.


All of LePow’s live rosins are produced using the same premium, organic plants that are used to create their well-known Rick Simpson Oil. They use particular cannabis strains to make their rosin because of their distinctive terpene profiles, trichrome structures, and aptitude for ice-water extraction.

LePow rosin differs from other businesses in that they don’t harvest their plants too early to produce artificially white rosin. The full cannabinoid profile of golden trichomes, which is something LePow’s technique doesn’t compromise, is what makes them so valuable. Their chief grower selects the best plants for cryogenic freezing when it’s time to harvest. All of the plants are immediately frozen and preserved in a subzero condition throughout the extraction process.

We advise full-spectrum concentrates for the cannabis aficionado trying to get the most out of their concentrates, regardless of the brand you select. You’re sure to find one that meets your needs in Denver because there are so many excellent brands there.

Which full-spectrum cannabis concentrate brand is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!

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