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Gardener's Select Colorado Marijuana Seeds - Limited Edition

We're opening up our seed vault and slowly releasing our Gardener's Select strains to the public. These are strains/seeds we've deemed one of a kind and are releasing them slowly and only in small amounts. Once they're gone, they're gone. Packs of 5 nonfeminized seeds are $75. If you have questions about purchasing our seeds check out our Seeds FAQ page.

Series 1: Sanjay's Private Reserve

Our Sanjay Gupta Kush has become our standard bearer for high potency bud with excellent yields and deeply soothing almost psychedelic highs. Our original Gupta is one of our top selling strains and now we've bred it up to another level entirely, in four outstanding, limited release ways. The synergy is remarkable - high yielding, highly exploratory strains with highs that have taken even our most experienced growers and customers to the mat. These are part of our Gardener's Select Limited Release Series, so if you're interested you should grab them soon as they won't last long.

Krishna Kush - Indica (Lavender x Gupta Kush). Another amazing medical strain. The presence of residual CBDs do wonders for ocular relief and stomach and general pain alleviation. Very tight purple leaning buds decorate this strong tight-noded plant. Better for folks with height limitations. Bouquet is an intoxicating blend of the mellow lavender with the almost sinister Kush. 7-8 weeks.

Naima - Indica (Hawaiian Blue Trane x Gupta Kush). A new ode to one of our gardens favorite musicians, John Coltrane, in honor of the fifty year anniversary of a Love Supreme. Cross produces very chunky weighty buds which often sport purple tones and an amazing soft berry nose. The paternal line has increased the production and resin content, bringing this once fickle female to a whole new audience. Very happy to share this unique genetic from our Grower's Private Reserve. 8-9 weeks.

Night Nurse - Indica (Magic Jordan x Gupta Kush). Our breeders favorite - incredible medicine. Our Magic Jordan brings its signature Hawaiian nose and CBD-rich healing properties but finally parts with her intense mutated growth pattern. A double backcross to the IBL finally brings this genetic to a reproducible level. Amazing, relaxing, almost psychedelic high. 8-9 weeks.

Series 2: Growers Private Reserve

This second release in our Gardener's Select Series features strains from across our genetic spectrum, including our vaunted Gupta Kush and much beloved Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG. Both strains bring increased potency and dynamic patient highs. Vigor, stem strength and crystal production is increased as well as higher yields and potency. These are some of our customer's favorite strains, and now we're releasing their seeds in very limited amounts.

Diamond Socks - Hybrid. (Silverback x (Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG)). Incredible crystalline flowers. Very hashy boutique smoke. Flowers are like a fatter but otherwise similar version of the incredibly rare Hawaiian Silverback mother. Paternal line contributes augmented veg growth, thickening of flowers, strengthening of smoke and depth of aroma. Kush-like growth benefits from heavy topping to increase bud sites and yield. 7-8 weeks.

Hibiscus Sunrise - Hybrid. (Hawaiian Sunrise x Gupta Kush). Get this now. The Hawaiian Sunrise is a favorite flower of anyone who knows her, and by bringing in the tried and true paternal line, the general aesthetic profile of the mother is transferred to a more robust root stock, resulting in a highly productive crop that is also boutique. Relaxing, highly aromatic fruit-and-floral smoke heavily evokes the islands. 8-9 weeks.

Rebel God Smoke - Sativa>Hybrid. Bx(Rebel God Smoke f2). A careful and limited backcross of our Cinderella 99 x (Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG). This is an early finishing flower with knock-out aroma fueled by Cindy but dipped in kush. An extremely tasty and psychedelic smoke. Its compact size and sativa vibe make it a unique and powerful tool in the garden, inside or out. Great for multi-topping, 7-8 weeks.

Secret Garden - Indica. (Lavender x (Ghost OG Moonshine x Rugburn OG)) for the kush heads! This is an incredibly potent and relaxing smoke. OG Kush growth with a unique twist in nose from the Lavender resulting in something all its own. Dense, smaller bud structure benefits from heavy topping to increase bud sites and yield. 8-9 weeks.