The Bud Depot Dispensary in Lyons, Colorado.
Recreational and Medical Marijuana in Lyons, CO. Near Estes Park.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Regulations and Purchasing Limits

Buying Recreational Marijuana in Colorado has become one of the great pleasures of visiting and living in our beautiful state. Whether you're new to consuming cannabis or are old-school, you'll find shopping with us to be an excellent experience. Meantime, here's some FAQ on how to purchase legal weed at The Bud Depot. If you've got more questions, give us a call or come see us - The Bud Depot is right on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park!

Who can purchase Recreational Marijuana at your Dispensary? The Bud Depot Dispensary in Lyons is open to the public, no matter what state or country you are from. So long as you are 21 years of age or older on the day of your visit and have valid ID you can shop. We DO NOT allow entry for under 21, not even to just look. If part of your party is under 21 they will have to wait outside. We happen to be right next door to a delicious Thai restaurant and just a few feet from The Lyons Dairy Bar where you can get ice cream and burgers so the rest of your party will let you shop in peace.

How Much Can I Buy Legislative changes as of June 2016 now align resident and non-resident purchasing limits, so you can shop like you're a local which is the "28 gram limit" which means that during each visit you can purchase up to 28 grams worth of product whether it's in bud, edible or concentrate form, or a combination therein. For example:
  • Cannabis flower: One ounce (28 grams) worth of bud (aka weed, nugs). Or...
  • Edibles: 28,000mg worth of marijuana-infused foods and drinks. 5-10 mg is considered a single dose, so that's a lot of edibles. You can buy, for example, twenty eight 100mg brownies or 2,800 ten-milligram taffies. Or...
  • Concentrates: You may buy up to 28 grams of wax, live resin, shatter, sap, hash oils or vape cartridges.
You can also mix and match, up to 28 grams. For example, you can buy 1/2 oz of bud, 7,000mg worth of edibles and 7 grams of concentrate or any permutation therein. Your budtender will help explain and make sure you stay within your limits.

How many seeds can I buy? Since marijuana seeds contain no THC, you can purchase as many seeds as you wish.

Can I take my purchases home with me? No. All purchases are intended for use only in Colorado and if we get the idea that you're planning to take it home with you you'll be asked to leave.

Do I have to register or provide any personal information to shop? No. All we need is your valid ID. We scan it to check your date of birth and expiration date, but do not keep that information on file.

What kind of ID can I use? All visitors must provide ID every time you visit. Acceptable forms of ID: US citizens must have a valid state-issued drivers license, or a US Passport, or NativeAmerican or Military ID with all supporting documents. Non-US citizens must provide a valid Passport from your home country. We do not accept temporary licenses or anything that is not an official and fully complete form of identification. Your ID must also have a photo, and any modifications to your ID or questions about validity or authenticity will result in you not being able to enter the shop. Plus, you're on camera, and we are required to confiscate your fake ID and send it to the Lyons Police Department who will follow up with you. Sorry, it's the law. No exceptions. No joke!

Are you close to Estes Park or Rocky Mountain National Park? Yes, we're the closest dispensary to both Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park. There's no dispensaries in Estes so if you're heading up to that area you'll want to shop with us before you do. Otherwise, its about a 30 minute drive from The Bud Depot to Estes and 45 to RMNP.

Can I smoke in Rocky Mountain National Park? Though legal in Colorado, cannabis consumption is Federally illegal and there's nothing more Federalacious than our National Park System. So, no. Smoking in RMNP could get you arrested by Park Rangers. They may wear green outfits but they mean business.

Are you close to Planet Bluegrass? Yes, we're practically around the corner from Planet Bluegrass, and if you're coming for RockyGrass, Folks Festival or The Kinfolk Celebration we'll be about a 5 minute bike ride or 15 minute walk from the entrance. It would be really cool, but no, we can't deliver to your campground. We're also right on the way from the Bluegrass parking area to the festival grounds. Come and stop by on your way in.

Where can I smoke? Just like with booze, you can't smoke in public. You'll need to find a private home or weed-friendly lodging establishment in order to toke up. There are just a few "smoking temples" in Colorado, but there's no cafe's like in Amsterdam.

Can I smoke and ski? It's the dream, but it's illegal. Since most ski resorts are located on Federal land, smoking on the slopes is therefore illegal. Please note: several ski resorts have strict policies (you wouldn't be the first people blowing a doobie in the gondola) where they will kick you off the mountain and revoke your day or season pass. Plus, it is not beyond the pale that they would call the police.

Do you ship? No. Don't even ask.

My grandpa has cataracts and I think he would benefit from using cannabis. Can I take some home with me? No.

What about seeds? Can I take those home with me? No.

How cool is it to buy legal weed in Colorado? Cool.