The Bud Depot Dispensary in Lyons, Colorado.
Recreational and Medical Marijuana in Lyons, CO. Near Estes Park.

Colorado Marijuana Infused Edibles

Sweet Grass Kitchen

Enjoying Marijuana Edibles in Colorado has become one of the great pleasures here in the Rocky Mountain state, and The Bud Depot carries one of the largest selections of Recreational and Medical edibles, drinks and snacks around.

Our shelves are stocked with classics like pot brownies and cookies but there's lots of new infused products from the wild weed frontier like gourmet chocolates and truffles, powdered fizzy drink mixes, mints, suckers, lozenges, crackers, CBD-rich tinctures and taffies, power bars and granola. Sugar free, vegan and gluten-free folks will be happy, too, as several of our products will meet your health-related specs.

Due to ever-changing regulations on Colorado edibles, the selection and potency of products may vary between our Medical and Recreational shops. However you'll typically find top brands like Incredible Bars, Sweet Grass, Wana, The Growing Kitchen, Sweet Mary Jane, Bhang Bars, Dixie Elixirs, Mountain High Suckers, Julie & Kate's, Colorado Cannabis Company - and more! We also have the best prices on Canyon Cultivation products like DropIts and SuckIts, and are always on the hunt for the newest and tastiest edibles that have a great price/potency ratio. But before you mack down that entire brownie, read some helpful information about how to consume edibles.

How to Consume Marijuana Edibles

Edibles are an amazingly convenient way for medical and recreational consumers to enjoy their medical marijuana, but you should know a few things before you dig in.

  • A typical "starter" dose for edibles is between 5-10mg of THC. That's enough for most people to start to "feel something" - and for some folks it's actually all they need.

  • Edibles typically take about 45 minutes to 1.25 hours to start to kick in, though this can easily vary based on the speed of your metabolism, your size/weight, and if you already have food in your stomach. Your tolerance will also have a say in all this too.

  • Start small, such as with a 5mg dose, which may require cutting your edible into pieces. Wait 45 minutes or an hour (sometimes more, too). If you're not "feeling it" then you can slowly and gradually up your dosage, but it will always take a while to kick it. Take your time. You can always have more. An edibles high will come on more gradually and often last much longer than a "smoked" high. Expect to be under the influence for 4-8 hours.

  • Consuming your edible with a "fat" is said to improve THC uptake. Think yogurt, butter.

  • Don't overdo it! Think of it like this (loosely): 5mg of THC is like a having a single drink. Eating a whole 100mg brownie is like drinking a bottle of whiskey. Know your limits!

  • If you accidentally over-consume, don't worry, we've all been there at least once. Go someplace quiet and cozy, drink water, curl up, put on your favorite music, have a friend nearby to chat with, sleep it off. In the unlikely even that you need medical attention, be forthright with the physician about how much you consumed. Most likely they'll just have you sleep it off, but even getting to this point is totally dependent upon you being a responsible consumer. Go light and enjoy!