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Secrets To Rolling A Perfect Cannabis Joint

One of the most common methods of ingesting cannabis is through smoking, and there is no substitute for the classic joint. But it’s not always easy to roll a decent joint. You could make a huge mess and run out of cannabis if you aren’t careful. You’ll learn how to roll your joints just like a cannabis pre-roll in this tutorial.

Joint Rolling: A Lost Art

Before marijuana became legal, each self-respecting stoner was well-versed in the art of rolling a quality joint. However, many modern consumers probably don’t know how to roll their joints, what with the availability of pre-rolls and other methods of consuming cannabis.

Modern cannabis culture certainly does not exclude those who lack the manual dexterity to roll their joints. Those who are unable to roll their cigarettes can purchase items like oil-wrapped pre-rolls, rose petal blunts, and THC-diamond-loaded joints. However, being able to roll one’s joint provides an unparalleled sense of fulfillment. When you take a hit, it has a more distinct flavor, as if it were more really earned. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a cannabis consumer, it’s never too late to start rolling your first joint.

A Guide to Rolling Joints

There are six different steps involved in rolling a joint. Make sure you have the following components before beginning the procedure:

  • The strain of marijuana you’ve chosen
  • Rolling papers or pre-roll cones
  • Crutch 
  • Grinder

Grinding Your Weed

Cannabidiol (CBD) is most effectively used after being ground into a fine powder. The dried plant should easily crumble. When using a grinder, your hands won’t get sticky and smoke won’t fall off the paper. However, if you do not have access to a grinder, you can use alternative methods, like scissors or keys, to reduce the cannabis into smaller pieces.

When you grind your product, you remove any sharp edges or stems that could puncture your pre-roll or rolling paper, making it easier to roll.

Construct a Filter/Crutch

Having ground the cannabis, you will need to create a crutch, also known as a “filter” or “tip,” to put in your rolling sheets. You will need some thin cardboard or an equivalent material. The rolling paper is supported by this crutch at one end. You can make a junction of any thickness by first folding your paper into an “accordion” shape towards its end and then rolling it up. The filter’s job when smoking a joint is to prevent the shaking from escaping. It also helps your work keep its shape.

Pack it Up, Pack it In

A small plastic tube is typically included with cone purchases from dispensaries and smoke shops like Frost or your local head store to help maintain the cone’s form. This device can be used as a packer to ensure that the pre-roll cone is completely stuffed. Any thin, long object, such as a chopstick or a pencil eraser, can serve as a substitute for a straw.

To begin, place some cannabis at the cone’s base, close to the crutch, and press down. You can’t get a perfectly round junction without first packing the base of your cone. All of your joints can fold in on themselves and break if you don’t pack this appropriately.

This is a simple process if you use rolling papers. All you have to do is roll the paper back and forth between your fingers until you have a cone.

Rock and Roll or Twist and Shout

To a significant extent, the success of your joint depends on the penultimate process of rolling papers. Before you roll up your joint, make sure to tuck the unglued end of the paper into the wrap. Seal it with a final roll after licking the top edge (leave a tiny gap at the end). If you use the filter side first, tucking and sealing will be much simpler.

To ensure a tight seal when using pre-roll cones, don’t fill the paper to the top. Make a wick by rolling a piece of paper between your thumb and index finger in one direction until the joint becomes its final shape.

The First Smoke

The work is done, and it’s time to reward yourself with a puff. Carefully ignite the wick without putting your hands anywhere near the cannabis. If you’re going to be passing around a wooden match, make sure it’s completely out of the flame before doing so.

Savor the flavor of your expertly rolled cigarette. Well done! Congratulations, you have just become an expert joint roller and can now enjoy your rewards.

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