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Terminologies Used In A Marijuana Dispensary

Colorado’s dispensaries are rapidly changing and giving their customers new experiences – cannabis flower, concentrates, and dabs. The terminology used in cannabis dispensaries is expanding along with the sector. It may feel intimidating when you first go into a dispensary, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get ready for your high-quality dispensary experience with the help of this article.

Dispensary Terminology for Cannabis

“Budtender” is arguably the most crucial word to learn first. A budtender is a cannabis expert and will be knowledgeable about every item in their dispensary. The budtender will be able to narrow down your best alternatives if you have a general notion of the high you’re after and are familiar with some of the fundamental cannabis jargon.


The blossom or bud of the plant is what can be smoked. The following are some terms related to flowers:

Indica: This kind of plant’s bud strains are renowned for their tranquil and calming qualities.

Sativa: This kind of plant’s bud strains are renowned for their capacity to provide energizing and uplifting effects.

Cannabinoids: Cannabis contains chemical molecules called cannabinoids, which have a variety of physiological impacts on humans.

Terpenes: The chemical elements in plants that give flowers their flavor and scent.

Trichomes: The hair-like, sticky structures that cover the cannabis plant’s buds. These structures produce all of the cannabinoids.

Cannabidiol: CBD is the abbreviation for this cannabinoid. This substance doesn’t have any psychoactive properties or give you a “high.”

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is a kind of cannabinoid. This substance produces psychedelic effects or a “high.”

Dabs or Concentrates

The trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids are taken from the flower to create concentrates. Concentrates are often referred to as “dabs” because you only use a tiny amount at a time. Dabs can take a variety of forms, such as:

Budder: A concentrate that resembles butter in consistency and is frequently used to make edibles

Edibles: Food is infused with concentrates to create edibles. Gummies, sweets, and baked products are typical forms.

Hash/hashish: A powder concentrate made by removing the trichomes from the flower and sifting or sieving them.

Hash known as Bubble or Ice: This popular concentration separates the trichomes from the plant using ice and water rather than harsh chemicals.

Shatter: Trichomes from the bud are removed using butane to produce a shatter. The lipids and fats in the plant are burned off along with the butane. Typically transparent, the concentrate form shatters into glass-like pieces.

A tincture is a liquid concentration that is often offered in a dropper. This under-the-tongue-applied concentrate has a very rapid onset of action.

Wax: A concentration made after the plant is dissolved in a solvent. Wax typically has a waxy feel and is flavorful, making it simple to handle.

It’s time to employ the terminology you now understand. You can choose from a huge selection of goods at Bud Depot Dispensary. If you have any questions, one of our trained and skilled budtenders can help. We look forward to taking care of all of your cannabis requirements. Enjoy!