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Cannabis is a versatile substance that can be consumed in many different ways. Some users prefer to smoke it, while others enjoy vaping it. Others make marijuana tea or use edibles and drinkables. One of the newest methods for consuming cannabis is through vaporizers. Vaporizers are devices that heat cannabis enough to produce vapor, but not so much as to combust the plant material which would release toxic chemicals into the air and create smoke.

What is a cannabis vaporizer?

bearded man with cannabis vapeVaporizers, referred to as “vapes” among cannabis smokers, are devices used to inhale the plant. Vapes (often called “weed pens” or “vape pens” because of their shape) were designed as a less harmful alternative to smoking, which can injury your lungs.

By heating cannabis-infused oil using conduction, the cannabinoids become a gas or vapor without burning it. This allows people who consume cannabis to enjoy its benefits without inhaling harmful smoke.

There are now many legal options for vaping cannabis, including vape pens, which are the most common type of vape. Vape pens come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be used to vaporize cannabis oil, waxes, or concentrates without burning them.

The advantages of using a vape pen for cannabis oil

vape carts

Not only does vaping allow for cannabis consumption without smoke inhalation, but it is also discreet and can be easily used in public. Additionally, most weed vape pens have a variety of heat settings that the user can change according to their strain or product.

Oil vape pens allow you to control your cannabis intake by controlling the voltage going into the heating chamber or element. This is unlike smoking where you have less precision over how much THC you consume. With a vape pen, you can precisely regulate inhalation and intakes of THC oil from vaporized concentrates.

How to use a vape

blonde girl vaping outdoors . female model smoking fruit flavored e-liquid or e-juice with vaporizer device or e-cig.Modern gadget for smokersIn order to use vapes effectively and safely, it’s paramount that you understand the device you are using. Different vaporizers work in different ways, so knowing how each type works is key to getting the most out of your cannabis while avoiding waste or injury.

Conduction heating vapes, such as weed pens and cartridges, require you to place a coil down into a THC oil or wax cartridge. The cannabis then meets heat from an electrical current that passes through it, which can be regulated by the voltage settings on your vape.

Convection heating devices, such as portable weed vaporizers, utilize hot air to heat cannabis oils instead of a coil. Once the oil is heated, it is then drawn through a mouthpiece for inhalation.

How to choose the right vape

The best way to find out what type of vape is right for you is by experimenting. And when it comes to weed pen-style vapes, there’s good news–many high-quality disposable (re: not rechargeable) cartridges are available to experiment with before committing financially.

If you don’t like vape pens, try a portable weed vaporizer instead. Portable vapes are not only good for vaping concentrates but also flowers if you buy the right attachments.

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