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Exploring the Differences Between Vape High and Smoking High

The distinction between a high from a cannabis vape and a high from marijuana is hotly contested. Some claim there is no difference, while others firmly believe a smoking high is superior. Which is it then? Do the differences between the two exist or are people simply debating semantics? To finally put an end to the debate, we will examine the distinctions between cannabis vaping and smoking in this blog post.

Smoking Flower

We all enjoy smoking marijuana. Smoking it in a joint, bong, pipe, or blunt will always be the most traditional way to consume it. It’s a time-tested approach that has been used for ages. When you smoke flower, the cannabinoids burn and enter your lungs through your lungs where they enter your bloodstream. This mechanism is what results in the euphoric or sedative feeling we receive when we become high.

Smoking is a more economical form of consumption than using vape pens in terms of the initial investment in equipment. Simple as that, smoking.

Combustion, the method by which our priceless blossom is activated or consumed, is a disadvantage.

Because the combustion process has negative effects on our health, we should endeavor to avoid it.

The Trend in Cannabis Vaping

The legalization of cannabis for recreational use is mostly to blame for the rise of vaping. People started exploring novel and creative ways to ingest cannabis once they could do so without being concerned about legal ramifications.

The cannabinoids are heated during the vaping process to a temperature just below combustion, releasing their active components as vapor. The THC is then directly delivered to the lungs through inhalation, where it is immediately absorbed into circulation. Because it is thought to be healthier than smoking, more convenient, and less obvious, vaping has become extremely popular.

Cannabis Vaping vs Cannabis Smoking

But for many people, vaping is not as powerful an experience as smoking marijuana. We’ve all heard people say things like, “I don’t get as high when I use a vape pen,” or “I don’t get the same medical benefits from vaping marijuana as I do from smoking marijuana.”

People are not crazy; they have a right to feel this way. The chemical makeup of the substance being vaporized has an impact on the effects of a vape high. Cannabis concentrates frequently have chemical characteristics that are significantly dissimilar from those of the plant. Unsurprisingly, customers experience Key Lime Mintz differently when they smoke it as opposed to vaping because the two methods have very different chemical make-ups.


More to It Than Just a Little THC

When recreational markets opened in Colorado and Washington in 2014, other cannabis compounds, like CBD, started to get attention. THC, however, continues to grab headlines, and every recreational market in the United States is still under pressure to create more THC.

However, consumers are beginning to realize that a better high does not always result from flower with a higher THC content. Recently, the idea of the “Entourage Effect” has been more widely known. This phrase refers to the phenomena in which the many compounds present in cannabis interact to have an impact that is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

In other words, a cannabis flower’s bud contains “entourage” compounds like flavonoids, terpenes, and numerous other cannabinoids like CBD. The well-known and adored flower high is created when all of these interact with THC.

Are There Vapes That Give Off a High Similar to Flowers?

There is good news: indeed, there are! The bad news is that there is currently no easy way to recognize such products. Always be conscious of your processor and the procedure they use to extract your product. You should search for cannabis oil that includes a range of flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.


Buying advice for cannabis products with the entire spectrum:

  • A strain’s profile is severely constrained if it has no CBD at all. Look for strains that have at least a small amount of CBD.
  • On the label, look for the words “native terpenes,” “cannabis terpenes,” or “processed with bud.”
  • A terpene level of 5–20 percent is desirable.
  • Cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, and THCV are quite uncommon. These indicate that a product is probably beneficial.
  • Examine the color. It is not even close to a product that resembles a plant if it is clear. Any cannabis concentrate that contains the complete spectrum will be more golden or amber in hue.
  • The content of cannabinoids should range from 50% to 70% on average. You’re probably dealing with a distillate if it’s at least 75%. Anything that has been so thoroughly cleaned that it no longer resembles a cannabis flower is referred to as a distillate.

We have several vape cartridges and vape goods at Bud Depot Weed Dispensary because we think they produce a high similar to that of flowers. Visit us and ask one of our knowledgeable staff members for additional details on these goods. We would be delighted to assist you in finding the ideal one.